Engagement Party Celebration!

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Engagement Party Checklist

**Ten to Eight Weeks Before**

Agree On A Host~~Traditionally, the bride’s family throws the engagement party, but often the groom’s family likes to share in the festivities by co-hosting the affair or holding one of its own.

Pick a date~~Generally, the engagement party is held three to four months after the proposal.

Compile a guest list~~Make sure your invitees are also on the guest list for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Four to Six Weeks Before the Party

Send invitations~~The tone of the party should be in keeping with that of your upcoming wedding.

Decide on decorations and centerpieces~~If you wish, choose a theme that reflects you as a couple. No need to go overboard, though—the point is to celebrate your engagement.

Plan A Menu~~Whether your party will be held at a restaurant or a private home, you should be mindful of any allergies or food specifications of your guests.

Prepare A Few Games To Play~~Consider a “team scavenger hunt” to get your families acquainted. But whatever the game, make sure it’s fun, simple, and involves everyone.

Preferred Engagement

Your engagement is the start of an exciting journey in life and what better way to kick it off than with a spectacular engagement party with the Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ team, and our partner Nelva’s Studio, shared with your family and friends!

At Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ, along with our partner Nelva’s Studio, our engagement catering service will help you celebrate this very special occasion with fabulous food. We have a collection of barbecue and bakery menus that are suitable for engagement catering in the San Antonio area.

Alternatively, if you'd like something a little more personalized for your engagement party, our catering coordinators can work with you to create a custom menu. We can tailor your engagement catering to suit your budget, venue and theme. Our engagement catering is flexible in terms of whether you'd like a fully staffed event complete with event staff, or you may prefer a do-it-yourself whereby we deliver everything ready-to-serve and you take care of the rest.

Engagement Caterers in San Antonio

With an abundance of engagement and wedding catering companies to choose from in San Antonio, selecting a caterer for your event an arduous task. After all, unforgettable food and extraordinary service can make your event more memorable and unique. But perhaps above all, the right wedding caterer will be able to provide you with the support, confidence and reassurance on the day you need it most.

Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ, along with our partner Nelva’s Studio, provides San Antonio area brides and grooms with tailored catering solutions for what very well may be the most important day of their lives. With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, our team will take care of your needs right from the initial consultation so you can enjoy your special day and rest assured that your engagement party catering is in good hands.

Catering: The Next Level

We're excited to take your San Antonio catering experience to a completely new level. For your engagement party, we are happy to extend to you our popular barbecue catering options. You can also order from our bakery, whether you desire an immaculate cake and/or dessert that will leave a lasting impression. We will cater to you whatever your desires are.

As one of San Antonio’s engagement caterers, we would be delighted to work with you and take part in your very special day. The season is here and the time is now! Give us a call today at (210) 262-9621 to plan your next engagement event or wedding reception with Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ, and our partner Nelva’s Studio!

Your event will be as special as you make it and, when you choose The Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ team, along with our partner, Nelva’s Studio, we will make every effort to ensure that your dreams come true. We have everything that you need for your engagement party catering needs. View our menus for some ideas to get you started. Contact us today at (210) 262-9621 to start planning or fill out one of our contact forms and we will get back to you shortly. Our expert San Antonio party planners are standing by!

Four To Six Weeks (con't)

The Week of the Party

Go shopping, if necessary~~If the party will be in a home, give yourself a comfortable margin of time to buy the food, drinks, party goods, or anything else you may be contributing.

Prepare The Venue~~Make sure there are plenty of places for guests to sit and eat, and an area to store gifts. For a party at someone’s home, arrange to have the lawn cut and the house cleaned, and be sure the AC/heat works. Let the neighbors know you will be having a party.

Line Up Your Help~~Need some extra hands to get everything done? Involve the members of your wedding party (if you’ve already chosen them).