Memorial Service Catering

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Memorial Service Location

Memorial services may be held in any location. Many people choose locations with personal significance, such as a favorite beach, park, or family home, or locations that can accommodate a large group, such as a religious place of worship, a favorite restaurant, a banquet hall, or other event space.

If you will be following any religious traditions, you may want to hold the memorial service at your place of worship. The religious leaders there can help you plan and coordinate the memorial service.

Memorial Service Features

There is no formal structure to a memorial service. People may participate in the memorial service in many different ways, including delivering readings or prayers, singing songs or playing musical instruments, or sharing a memory of the person who died. If you will be having a religious service, there may be a religious structure that you'll follow.

Post-Memorial Service Reception

After the memorial service, it is common to have a reception, which can be held at a funeral home, religious place of worship, a family home, or another location that can accommodate all those who attended the service.

Lean On Us!

Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ funeral catering team can help you in your time of need and ease your mind during times of mourning. You are likely overwhelmed with making arrangements and decisions. Don’t let the food for your gathering be another source of stress.

Gatherings after funerals and memorial services vary from cookies, coffee and punch to a full-service buffet catering. You can count on us to act quickly when you call us, arrive at the proper time, be attentive to your guests’ needs and provide the fare you wish in the right amounts.

We will do everything possible to ensure that the funeral catering process goes smoothly. Everything from setup to cleanup (extra fees apply) will be handled along with impeccable service of delicious, barbecue and bakery food items. Our high level of service ensures that you will be able to focus on the matters at hand.

There for You in Your Time of Need

Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ team serves San Antonio for all occasions and can work on any scale. Our team will handle all aspects of the food arrangements with dignity and courtesy. We will respect your privacy whether you are going through a particularly painful bereavement or want to honor your loved one’s passing.

Let us offer you a wide selection of barbecue full buffet catering that is suitable for the time of day you choose. We can help you sort through our many listed items or customize selections based on your attendees’ tastes. Our courteous staff and excellent prices will please you. Nelva’s Photography can supply linens if needed, however Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ do not provide tables, chairs, or tents.

Experienced Funeral Catering

Our funeral catering team can deliver, set up and serve (for an additional fee) the menu items of your choice with reliability and expertise. We will gladly respect any particular customs you follow, and take care of any special requests you may have. Let us arrange a buffet or brunch at a funeral home, house of worship, private residence or other location. We will make the process easy and stress-free, ensuring that you can better focus on what is most important at the moment.

All Details Handled

This is a time when you may feel overwhelmed by details. Funeral catering is something that we can remove from that list. Our experienced team can help lighten the load of many families during their time of mourning. We will create a menu and design the level of service that best suits your situation. Our staff can be as low-key or as visible as you desire.

When you call for funeral catering, you might not have a lot of time to spare and a few days’ window to make arrangements. You can be comforted knowing your food and beverage service will be taken care of by a team of professionals. Whatever the setting and size of the crowd, be assured everyone will get plenty of food and drink. The presentation will be just right, quiet and professional. Call us and let’s make your menu selection a less burdensome effort during a difficult time.

Arrangements? Overwhelmed?

The loss of a loved one is devastating and the prospect of making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming. We know that this is a difficult time for families with a lot to do in a short time.

Allow our funeral catering services to provide some measure of comfort to you and your family as you gather in mourning, remembrance and celebration of the life of your loved one.

We can provide you with a funeral catering service at your home, at the church hall, at the funeral home, or at any other suitable venue.

We're here for you! Contact Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ team @ (210) 262-9621!