5 Steps to a Perfect Texas Picnic!

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A Great Texas Picnic Starts With A Plan

Planning a picnic is not an exact science. There are no shortcuts or cheats. Not ever!

There is, however, creativity and experience, and when you work with a picnic expert, you just might find that planning a picnic can be really simple.

Gathering Information & Research

Gather your information and do your research! When you have decided that you want Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ team as your picnic provider, give us a call or email us. We will take it from there.

Planning A Themed Event

You want a themed event, anything from a grand Texas experience to a casual gathering, and you want it to be extremely successful to please the guests, your bosses, or your family and friends.

We will always listen to what you envision for your picnic event and together we will come up with creative ideas for a successful picnic.

Give the Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ team a call. We're here for you!

Getting Started

During the planning phase, you will contact Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ your favorite outdoor caterer, with the following information~~Date(s) in which you are interested; Estimated number of guests; Venue; Reason for picnic; Employee appreciation; Morale boost; Anniversary celebration; Annual company party, etc.

When you work with Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ, we know exactly what questions to ask to help narrow down all of your options, and make your experience as worry- and stress-free as possible.

Set A Picnic Menu & Theme

Once we have all of your information and we are knee-deep in the planning, we will work together to come up with the perfect theme for your picnic. Along with the perfect theme, you will receive the perfect menu. As for your theme, the possibilities are truly endless, which can sometimes stress out a picnic planner. Imagining yourself at another event will help you decide which theme ideas you like best. >If you are not sure what you would like to see at your event, you’re the Bountiful Baked Goods & The SideStreet BBQ g team is always here to help find a theme and menu you will love.

Looking For A Variety Of Food Options?

Many clients are looking for new, fresh and varied food options to serve their guests. Our Texan BBQ Menus has options for your event, including themed picnics and choose-your-own picnics. Choose from our bakery to make your menu complete.

Worried About Running Out Of Food?

This is where experience really makes a huge difference. Our experience with all kinds of guest counts, themes, menu items and more, running out of food is a concern we have managed to eliminate for our clients’ peace of mind. We are proud of the happy faces at our picnics each summer.

Plan The Entertainment

We always recommend entertainment at a picnic, the style of which varies depending on the number and ages of your intended guests. Entertainment comes in such a wide variety of options for every event, and each venue will have its own challenges and opportunities. Do you have multiple ages in need of entertainment? Many picnics require entertainment for children, teens and adults to incorporate fun for everyone at your picnic

Taking Care Of The Details

We will sort out all of the details in this part of the planning, figuring out everything from your event setup to your final menu. Our partner, Nelva’s studio will be able to take care of other items needed for your event who can supply items you will need—and all at very fair and reasonable prices because of our longstanding relationships—which means you do not have to coordinate with anyone else.

It’s Time For Your Picnic

Once all has been planned and the day of your event is finally here. Specific information such as setup/meeting time for the event will be given to us in advance to ensure our team has everything in place. What About Bugs? Of course, any outdoor event is at-risk for bugs. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay with mosquito-repelling candles and torches. Other insects can be controlled with bug spray. We have found—through plenty of experience—that when you properly dispose of the trash, the bugs will not find you. What Happens To The Food Containers After The Event Is Over? No problem. Everything is disposable and can be thrown away, or can be taken and used for your purpose.